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“Supporting Albania in Negotiation for Environment,Chapter 27 (SANE27)”


The Republic of Albania officially applied for EU membership on 28 April 2009. The European Council granted Albania the status of candidate country in June 2014. Regular political and economic dialogue between the EU and Albania has continued through the relevant structures under the Stabilisation and Association Agreement that was signed in April 2009. The government of Albania is engaged in EU related reforms and in addressing the five key priorities identified for the opening of accession negotiations. The five key areas are democracy, public administration reform, rule of law, human rights including the protection of minorities and regional issues and international obligations. The progress of institutional reforms is ongoing and much of the initial focus has been on the Justice and Rule of Law sectors.  However, present and previous governments have consistently stated a wish for wider development within which EU membership is a very important, if not essential, component.  


Since 2009, the goal of the Swedish reform work in Albania is to assist with the reforms needed to achieve candidate status and eventually an EU membership. On 9 February 2016 on behalf of Albania and Sweden, the Deputy Prime Minister Niko Peleshi, and the Chargé d’Affaires of the Swedish Embassy, Johan Ndisi signed a development cooperation agreement until 2020, to support key reforms towards economic development, strengthened democracy and a better environment, in line with Albania’s EU integration agenda. Therefore, Sweden has a strong support for Albania in the process of EU-accession. The Swedish EPA can support the Republic of Albania’s work towards better environment and implementation of EU Environmental aquis in Chapter 27 with Swedish competence and knowledge of EU regulations and implementation. The funding source originates from the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA)in frame of implementation of SANE27 programme.


In August 2018 the Swedish EPA has contracted “GENC MYFTIU”, a local company registered and active in Albania to for Albanian Management Support of SANE27 in terms of finding and managing local expertise, organizing workshops, creating premsies amd logistics. Etc. So far, by August 2020, to support SANE27 activities, there are contracted by Genc Myftiu about 35 local and international experts and organized more than 20 workshops and retreats.


The Stabilisation and Association Agreement signed between EU and the Republic of Albania, has encouraged both sides to contribute by all means to the political, economic and institutional stabilisation in Albania as well as in the region, among other means, through development of civil society.


Article 108 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union’s (TFEU) stipulates the cooperation between EU and the Republic of Albania in environmental sector following the priority areas of the acquies.  Environmental chapter of the acquis is considered as one of the most comprehensive, where many stakeholders are involved, such as business sector, academia, local government and in particular non-governmental organisations which can play an important role in the process of EU negotiation. In May 2019 in Brussels the explanatory meeting was held for Chapter 27, where European commission has presented to the Albanian administration the main EU acquis for Environment.


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