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Tirana - The Challenge of Urban Development

The main objective of the project was to pave the way and to promote  sustainable development of Tirana city, the capital of Albania targeted to urban development.


Tirana is a typical example of a mixed structure between the sea and the mountain, between the Illyrian, Roman and Byzantine cultural heritage and the Oriental atmosphere; between European elements and those that are typical Mediterranean and Balkan; between the most authoritarian urbanistic discipline of the times and the most anarchist chaos of modern times... In short, Tirana is one of the most dynamic cities in Europe and obviously represents a city of a typical and prolonged transition to the present days. The publication was organized by SEDA and the content was the following:



Part One


1. From Foundation to 1920,  by Keida Lulo

2. From Independence to World War II (1920-1938), by Keida Lulo

3. The Italian occupation and World War II (1939-1945), by Keida Lulo

4. Development during Centralised Economy, by Keida Lulo& Genc Myftiu

5. Development in Post-Communist Era, By Besnik Aliaj

6. Possible scenarios for Tirana Urban Development, By Besnik Aliaj



Part Two


1.Archeological Evidence in Tirana,  by Prof.Muzafer Korkuti

2.History of Tirana City, by Prof. Kristo Frasheri                      

3.Traditional Culture of Tirana, Prof. Andromaqi Gjergji

4.Cultural life in Tirana, by Prof. Josif Papagjoni

5.Tirana as a Centre of  Fine Arts, by Dr.Prof. Ferid Hudhri

6.Tourism in Tirana and Nearby, by Genc Myftiu